Focus on Your Practice, Not Your Practice Management

Most healthcare professionals including physicians, surgeons, specialists, and other allied professions didn’t enter medicine and healthcare so that they could run a business. Yet running a practice is running a business, and practice management in one of the most important aspects of day-to-day operations.

For some, it’s another challenge in to be explored. For others… well, they just want to focus on patient care.

That’s where Corrales Medical Management comes in. We provide practice management support for independent healthcare professionals including:

  • Physicians, surgeons, specialists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • PTs, OTs, SLPs
  • Massage therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Vision, hearing, and related specialists
  • Holistic medicine specialists
  • Counsellors/psychotherapists

We offer turnkey solutions for your private practice so that you can focus on your patients and clients, not the backend admin.

Full Turnkey Medical Management Solutions

Hanging your own private practice shingle doesn’t mean you have to completely go it alone. Corrales’ team of professional healthcare management specialists provide a range of administrative services including:

  • EMR setup and management
  • Reception
  • Staff management including hiring and payroll
  • Inventory management including ordering supplies and equipment
  • OHIP and third-party billing
  • Client billing
  • IT management
  • Bookings and appointments
  • Assistant services (booking travel, registering for conferences, etc.)

Flexible Medical Management Solutions Your Way

Customized service contracts are also available so you can use as many or as few of our services as you need. Do your own hiring, but leaving EMRs and billing to us. Maybe you want to keep control of your own inventory and ordering. Perhaps you require services not listed here. Let’s talk about your needs, and we’ll provide you with options to make it happen.

Best of all, with Corrales and Golf Links Community Clinic, you do not have to join a collective or health team, or follow anyone else’s practice guidelines. You maintain complete autonomy and control of your practice, just as you would if you hired your own staff or contracted out these tasks to any third-party service. Corrales Medical Management just makes practice management easy.

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